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Planning For Retirement

We all dream of enjoying a comfortable retirement, spending time with family and friends. Since people are living longer and healthier lives, we have to plan for a retirement which may exceed our working years.                                                                                                                                                                             


If you are employed in Ohio, and work for a  public school system, the state, county  government, a municipality, or library system, before you submit your retirement paperwork, please consult with a financial professional about the various pension annuity options and the (Partial Lump-Sum Option Plan PLOP) .

Whether you are years away, about to, or already retired, give my office a call to discuss your personal financial goals and objectives.  Please complete the Financial Data Organizer  before our conference.

The Voya Select Advantage video provides important retirement planning insights:

A New Home For Your Old 401(k) Plans   Aim for a Regret-Free Retirement  Before You Retire

Making Plans For Retirement                    Estate Planning And Retirement Planning Go Together

Things You Can Do With an IRA but Not a 401k