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August 2021: Retirement Readiness

August 2021: Retirement Readiness

| July 20, 2021

This month's Retirement Readiness newsletter features insights into inflation, the choices for your 401(k) at a former employer, rethinking the 4% rule, and considering how to live a fulfilling retirement. Hope you enjoy, and as always, reach out with any questions. Have a great day!

Inflation - Back to the Future
Even low inflation rates over an extended period of time can impact your finances in retirement.
Choices for Your 401(k) at a Former Employer
Individuals have three basic choices with the 401(k) account they accrued at a previous employer.
Retiring the 4% Rule
A portfolio created with your long-term objectives in mind is crucial as you pursue your dream retirement.
18 Years’ Worth of Days
The average retirement lasts for 18 years, with many lasting even longer. Will you fill your post-retirement days with purpose?